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Dear Love,
 I keep missing you,  I don't seem to know where to find you anymore or how to keep you with me.
I guess I should stop looking or just lock my hearts door and throw away the key. I've been hurt but I do get over it, I just want to keep you  with me all the time. I want to know what you loving me back feels like. I want to know that you will never leave my side. 

Love please respond let me know that you are alive.

 The "SoftSpokenPoet"  The Softest Voice in Poetry, she is Queen of her own...The Lady of Love...

Through her Poetry hope that you can find comfort here in "The Love Letter" We are focused on providing love and relationship information in poetry form that may help you become better at having a relationship. With some of the information we provide, we're sure you'll be happy.

Look around her website and if you have any comments or questions, please feel free to
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